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You'll see how it works, and you'll learn why it works:

Step-by-step diesetting analysis

Quick setup demonstrations

Affordable die and press improvements

Taking the guesswork out of first-hits

Standardizing setups for continuous improvement

New ways to find and fix the causes of downtime

Managing cross-functional quick die change teams

Preventing die damage, press damage, and accidents

And more. . .

You'll see actual examples of setup reduction and quality improvement for many types of parts using a variety of presses and dies at:

Marada Industries, Westminster, Maryland

W. C. McCurdy Co., Troy, Michigan

Admiral Tool and Manufacturing, Chicago, Illinois

Inter-City Products, Lewisburg, Tennessee

Webster Manufacturing, Tiffin, Ohio

Rowe International, Whippany, New Jersey

General Motors B-O-C #3, Lansing, Michigan

Auto Alliance International, Flat Rock, Michigan

Ford Motor Integrated Stamping & Assembly, Wayne, Michigan

Motor City Stamping, Mount Clemens, Michigan

General Electric, Owensboro, Kentucky

General Electric, DeKalb, Illinois

Frigidaire, Webster City, Iowa

Accuride, London, Ontario

Maytag, Newton, Iowa

Car-Tec Depot, Holland, Michigan



See Practical new ideas for every member of your quick die change team

Corporate Management-How to achieve world class competitiveness on part quality, cost, efficiency, and lead time. Turn your downtime and scrap into productive time and good parts!

Production Management-How to focus everyone in the pressroom on how to find and fix the causes of downtime, poor quality parts, and damage to dies and presses.

Manufacturing Engineering-New ways to simplify processes, make press and process improvements without making big capital investments, and how to get your presses and dies working at peak productivity.

Diesetters, Press Operators, Tool Designers-Find faster, simpler, and safer ways to set dies and verify setups. Start making good parts with the first hit' Design dies for quick die change!

Part 1. Definitions, Principles, and Getting Started

Identifying causes of long changeover times • The evolution of quick die change tools and techniques in the US and Japan • Step-by-step comparison of "quick" and "slow" die change techniques

Die changing principles for dual moving bolster transfer presses • Retrofitting presses for quick die change • Die cart-based quick die change systems • Improving diesetting speed by converting internal diesels to external diesets • Ways to use videotape to analyze diesets • Managing cross-functional quick die change teams

Length: 36 minutes

Part 2. Diesetting Step-by-Step

Tools and techniques that reduce setup variability while preventing misfeeds and mis-hits •Simple conversions to quick die change using innovative clamping and locating methods, bolster modifications, and feed sensors

Demonstration and analysis of progressive die setup including how to establish shut height, perform lead checks, diesetting quickly and safely with a forklift, and the operation of keyway systems in the press and the die Cost-effective diesetting tips including bolting requirements, making counterbalance air adjustments, and designing dies for quick die change •How to all but eliminate misdeeds and mis-hits with simple electronic die protection e Management perspectives on the benefits of setup repeatability and how it improves part quality

Length: 36 minutes

Part 3: World Class Pressworking

Using visual indicators to communicate die status, inventory turns, tracking trends for world class progress, project priorities, preventive maintenance, and employee involvement •Using quick coil change and quick roll change to combine rollforming with pressworking

Demonstration and analysis of prestaging, external diesetting, internal diesetting, and die changing with moving bolsters •How roller table clamping, prestaging, and diesetting speeds die changes

How semiautomatic die changing eliminates work-in-process inventories •Analysis of prestaging and diesetting steps for semiautomatic die change •Instant gag-bar die change operations including tooling, computer controls, changing dies step-by-step, and calculating economical order quantities

Part 4: Press and Diesetting Improvements for Small Lots

Gaining acceptance for the changes required for just-in-time with employee empowerment •An example of storing and retrieving dies at the point of use to eliminate external diesel prep work

•A summary of "nuts & bolts" tooling improvements for quick die change-using bolsters and ram adapter plates with hydraulic die clamps; organizing workcells for CNC-controlled punching and shearing; standardizing setup procedures for just-in-time manufacturing

Analysis of a rapid die change on a press equipped with a swing-out transfer feed system including diesetting, die locating, fast-bolting methods, and computerized setup parameters including quick coil change and a rapid setup of the stock straightener and feeder •Simple sensors for electronic die protection •Controlling press functions with programmable cam switches •Retrofitting simple low-cost pitch notch die protection sensors to existing progressive tooling •Using tonnage meters for setup repeatability

Length: 33 minutes

Part 5: Working Smart with Affordable Technologies

How using standardized written instructions insures that dies, built up on the bench to produce special chain components, achieve first part quality with zero scrap •Verifying setup repeatability and die operation with waveform signature analysis •A 12-step example of diesetter/press operator cooperation for quick die change •How to interpret waveform readings

Length: 30 minutes

Buy this Complete DVD Program with Facilitator's Guide

DVD Disketts-Featuring dieset analysis, demonstrations, case studies, continuous improvement examples, expert perspectives, and more. Total length: 2 hours, 37 minutes.

1 Facilitator's Guide (582 pages)-Includes assignments for team meetings, examples, notes to the instructor, plus management perspectives not included in the videotapes.

This product has the same content as the SME Quick Die Change series.  Many sets were sold at $2,450.00.  It is out of print and the rights have reverted to the developer.

Your price for the complete video content on five (5) high quality 160 minute DVD's and the 582 page Facilitator's Guide is only:

$200.00 plus shipping


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