Consulting Help Delivered Quickly

Consulting help is delivered quickly. Both phone and the Internet have proven to be a superior way to transfer information quickly. The Internet is especially useful for sending attached digital drawings and photographs for review. We use the best means available including phone and the Internet to offer problem solving advice based on documented solutions. Drawings and parts for evaluation may be sent by overnight package delivery. Your cost is minimized by fast service that clients find fair and affordable.

A good pressworking and stamping consultant has both many years of experience with a tremendous variety of work including press types, stamping materials, tooling materials and pressworking equipment. Enthusiasm and a love of problem solving are essential. Networking with friends in the business is essential. No one person can know everything.

Working with your engineering staff and expert operators on the experts on the shop floor is often necessary. Putting your best operator on the worst job allows me to ask the essential questions and arrive at a consensus on how to proceed.

Consulting can be combined with training as a way of quickly getting to the root cause of process variability and avoiding future repetitions of similar problems.

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Note: I get 350 spam messages a day. Please call me before an initial email contact. It is best to mark the message with high importance and request a read receipt.